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Welcome to the Sensory-Friendly Library at the Maple Hill Annex at Truman Moon, a nurturing space designed to meet the unique needs of our scholars, particularly those with special educational requirements. Our library is more than a place to find books; it's an environment crafted to support sensory needs, encouraging exploration, learning, and relaxation.

Scholars have the freedom to borrow books from our own collection or access titles from the main Maple Hill Library. We are dedicated to providing an inclusive and accessible literary experience for every scholar, ensuring they have the resources to discover and enjoy reading at their own pace.

Our library is equipped with sensory tools and materials, allowing scholars to engage in literacy-based activities in ways that suit their individual sensory preferences. These tools are integrated into our space to create a calming and focused atmosphere, ideal for reading and learning.

A highlight of our library is the weekly visit from our therapy dog, which provides a unique and therapeutic dimension to our scholars' literary experiences. During these visits, scholars not only have the opportunity to engage with literature but also benefit from the comforting presence of our therapy dog. This combination of literacy and therapy supports both the emotional well-being and academic growth of our scholars.

Our sensory-friendly library at the Maple Hill Annex is a testament to our commitment to creating inclusive, supportive educational environments. By embracing sensory needs and integrating therapeutic elements, we offer a space where all scholars can thrive and develop their love for reading.

Check out the  Maple Hill Annex Library website for resources such as our book catalog, databases, great websites, and e-books. 

Ms. Incledon & Mrs. Petrone

Library Media Specialists



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